Dreaded Storm..Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads Dreadlock Dread 8mm or 10mm purple black blue swirl planet reactive BeatleBaby Maineteam



Dreaded Storm...

I LOVE doing these. The reactive silver glass mixes with the clear and black and it creates this sort of "swoosh" effect that really give them the feel of a hundred colors sweeping across a sky at dusk after a tropical storm. There's such a beautiful array of blues, greens, purples magentas and earth tones. And no 2 are ever exactly alike!


COLORS: Assorted blues, greens, magentas, purples and earth tones. Colors will shift and intensify in bright light. They love the sun!

SIZE: approx. 17mm long, end to end


HOLE SIZE: 8mm or 10mm (select from options)

*These are Made to Order so your patterns and colors will differ from the set pictured...but be equally beautiful!