Dreaded Mushie in Red and Turquoise Lampwork Glass Mushroom Bead... 5mm or 8 mm hole for Dreads..Dreadlock....BeatleBabyGlassworks



Dreaded Mushie...

Now here is a new one for ya. It's a funky little shroom to hang in yer dreads! He's got a bright red cap with white polka dots and Turquoise Blue gills...ribbed and all!

COLORS: Red cap, Turquoise gills, White dots and a Mottled Cream stem

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 27mm Stem to cap x 26mm at it's widest and a choice of a 5mm or 8mm hole (5mm is a bit smaller)

*These are individually made to order, please allow for subtle differences (other than the hole size)

*Please let me know if you want a different color combo!

General Dread Bead info:

These are large hole beads I specifically designed with Dreadlocks in mind. The design encompasses the entire bead to look equally beautiful and interesting from every angle. However, these can be used for anything that requires a larger hole such as Hemp and Macrame jewelry.

All of my beads are cooled very slowly in a kiln for strength and durability but please be mindful of your beads...they are still glass.