Two Chick Tea SuxtabeeFat Potion Lose unwanted pounds of FAT, naturally!

Two Chick Tea SuxtabeeFat Potion Lose unwanted pounds of FAT, naturally!

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 First off, I'm going to warn you all that I'm a frank talker. I just say what I need to without tippy toeing around trying to spare the overly sensitive people their feelings. I'm up front, to the point and honest. Someday you just may appreciate that.
I may not always follow the politically correct guidelines of today and I frequently use the "F" word.
Yes, I'm talking about the word FAT. Fat has become one of those words that has made it's way onto the "MUST NOT BE SAID OR YOU'LL MAKE SOMEONE UNCOMFORTABLE" list.
Well guess what. I'm going to use that word.....ALOT. So if it annoys you, well this is your cue to move along to the next site. Then again, if the word FAT offends you, you're probably fat and might want to stick around and hear what I have to say.
The reason I use that word is because it has a very specific meaning. And it can't be replaced by lame substitutes like "overweight" or "horizontally challenged" or even worse, "Big Boned" (gawd I hate that one)
You see, I am fat. Well, I WAS fat. Or at least much fatter than I am now.
And the reason I'm not as fat as I was is because of this.....                      
                   Suxtabee Fat potion.

***Now keep in mind, this is MY story...this is what has happened for me. I am in NO WAY, making any false claims to the medical benefits to this tea. I just know when I (as well as literally thousands of other people) have drank it as suggested,

                                                          We  ALL. LOST. WEIGHT. Period.*** 

       So "what is it" you ask? It's an unbelievable blend of herbs that are geared to not only give you a healthy 100% Organic alternative to weight loss supporting products, but it can help flush out so much of the nasty stuff that's making you feel....well, fat and gross. And it does a slew of other great stuff as well.
So herbs. That's it. That's what has changed my life. A pile of what appears to be lawn clippings. This is what, after years of battling my weight, has helped me turn from a fat person into a thinner person. I still can't quite get over that.

       But you must understand. This is not a product that will MAKE you lose weight. Because only 3 things will truly MAKE you lose weight.
1. Illness
2. Chopping off a limb
3. Death

And since we will be doing NONE of those things, there is only one way that this will EVER work.

And you're probably not going to like this.....

YOU have to MAKE it happen. It's a simple formula...You have to burn off more than you take in. There is no other way.

       I know, you knew it was coming, right? You knew I was going to somehow dump this back into your lap (if you still have one) and leave it up to you to take responsibility for the mess you've made of your body.
Welp...sorry. But that's life and that's the reality of making this problem go away.
You have to LOOK at yourself and feel disgusted and determined enough to finally make up your mind that you're done looking and feeling this way and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. For real. Not just say "Ohhh...I wish I could lose weight. Waaaah...poor me with a slow metabolism...I'm over 40...I'm big boned...BooHoo". I don't want to hear it. And everyone else is probably sick of hearing it too.

    The thing is, it's one of the few wishes you actually have the power of making come true! It's not like hoping to win the lottery or praying hard enough and you just wake up skinny. If you put in the effort and stick with it...and I mean REALLY stick with it. it will happen!!! You're much more powerful than you realize...and this will make you see that!

And then you start.

You get up in the morning, make your batch of tea for the day, eat PROPERLY by following any of the healthy diets out there such as The Mediterranean Diet or even Weight Watchers. Then the next day you do the same thing. Then a week goes by and you can now go check out if a miracle has happened.

     My miracle was 10 lbs the first week. But I was pretty fat and bloated. Lots of excess water to get rid of. But hey! It's still 10 pounds of somethin'! And it's not on MY body anymore!! Ha!
Then you do it again for another week, then another.
Finally your month is over and you can pat yourself on the back now that you can reach it a bit better. (I had a bit of trouble with that one for a while there)

     *Now, the reason this actually can work is that every single ingredient in Two Chick Tea Suxtabee Fat Potion has been used for thousands of years to help your body deal with letting go of excess weight and giving the toxins a clear route out. Because they don't just evaporate ya' know. They have to come out one of three ways. Sweat, Poop and Pee

     When you get fat, your body is clearly not running at optimum levels. It can't. It has way too much extra stuff to do. Just like a car, using the cheap gas eventually makes everything get all gunked up and clogged until nothing runs right, then you pile in pounds and pounds of stuff in the trunk for it to haul around, making it work even harder even though it's running like crap and eventually it slows down and breaks.

     This is your body eating junk food and getting fat and breaking down. And just like a car, it might not happen overnight, but it WILL HAPPEN. And you know it. It's a very long, slow, and painful death. Emotionally, physically and mentally. And you need to make it stop....for yourself and your loved ones. It's just as hard for them, you know.

     All of the ingredients in Suxtabee Fat Potion are 100% organic, non GMO, caffeine free and vegan. Every single one of them. All are safe for human consumption.(many of the junk food ingredients ARE NOT. But they're in there anyway. Go figure)
They fall under the tough scrutiny of the American guidelines for being Certified Organic.

"So what's in this stuff" you ask??

Well, there's CHICKORY ROOT (Fat Metabolizer and diuretics)

DANDELION ROOT (Diuretic and Fat Metabolizer)


YELLOW DOCK ROOT (Mild Laxative)

SARSAPARILLA (Energy, Adrenal Support, blood purifier)

NETTLES (Calorie Burning Herb and blood detoxifyer)


GOTU KOLA (Energy, Fat Metabolizer,water retention balance

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE (Reduces Sweet Cravings)

CLEAVERS (flushes excess water, detoxifyer)

and a proprietory blend of Thermogenic Spices that help beef up fat burning.
And don't let the easy to pronounce names fool ya'. This is some potent and powerful stuff. And they all do very specific thing to our bodies and have for thousands of years!

There are ingredients that have thermogenic properties (Thermogenesis is a process in which your body burns calories more efficiently and at a faster rate) Diuretics (helps you pee and flush out all of that extra fluid weighing you down) Energy boosters (Safe, natural ones...NOT ephedra and NO CAFFEINE!), natural appetite suppressants, herbs that can increase circulation (think "cottage cheese" thighs") and ones that have "cleansing" properties (nice way to say it makes you poop) to get everything moving along. No need to have THAT hanging around!
And the great thing is that it works along side ANY DIET! It's like a Diet Booster!!!
This and all of our tea blend recipes have been created by a Certified Medicinal Herbalist and have been tested extensively by all of our chubby friends who wished to NOT be a chubby friend anymore. All have lost and are still losing weight as we speak.(and have remained our friends even though I refer to them as chubby...or I used to anyway)

       I am proud to say that I have lost a grand total of 65 POUNDS (35 in the first 3 MONTHS)!! And I've just about reached my goal. But I'm getting there! I'm doing it! I'm REALLY, REALLY DOING IT!!  And this is the most I have ever lost in my life. Ever.

       I have posted my "Fatty Me" picture as well as "During" pictures (because I'm not at the "Skinny Me" point yet) And I did this all with eating good, REAL food, (not McDonald's or any junk food AT ALL) I cut out bread and cheese (my choice...because that was pretty much the reason I was fat in the first place) and drank my Suxtabee Fat Potion. That's it. No nasty pills or sugar and chemical laced diet powders. Nothing that was going to make me grow a twin sister off the side of my head or make my kidneys fail. All for less than the cost of a half a cup of coffee a day!!! What more could you ask for!!!

       This is a "3 weeks on, 1 week off" program. You will be drinking the potion for 3 solid weeks and taking a one week break as this is the suggested use for all herbs. But this is only a break from the potion, not the diet! It is NOT a free pass to pig out. Keep up with the hydration process and drink lots of water in your 7 day hiatus and on day 8 start the potion again.

                                         WHAT YOU GET WITH YOUR ORDER:

*One Month's supply of Suxtabee Fat Potion in a reusable, recyclable, air-tight fabulotastic TEA TIN (Tea is loose form, so you'll need a tea ball or better yet, try our no-mess extra long tea bags!
* A handy Success Tracker. This is a small booklet meant to carry with you to keep track of all the important info. It includes a 16 week Stat Grid to keep a weekly tally of weight, measurements etc. It also lists good foods and bad ones so it's at your finger tips in the grocery store! Even a few pages for your own notes.
*An informational FAQ sheet to help answer any questions I, myself would want to know.
*Properties List so you know what's in it and what it all does for you.
*And directions, of course.

Contact me, Tracey, if you have any questions or even for moral support and/or a smack upside the head if you feel you're losing steam.

               That's it. It's simple. It's effective. It's economical. And best of all, it's within your reach.

~~~~~~HEY!!~~~~~~ We also offer a REFIL so you don't end up with 15 tins and pages and pages of directions and FAQ's. It saves a few bucks and cuts down on all the crap in the landfills!

*None of these statements have been approved or evaluated by the FDA.
** Two Chick Tea is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease, whether real or imagined. Use common sense in all things.
*Not for use for people who are pregnant, nursing, or where gall stones are present, without first consulting a health care practitioner.
*Please consult a health care practitioner before starting this or any weight loss program