SuxtabeeFat Potion by Two Chick Tea..30 day REFILL...Weight loss diet tea organic herbs, natural healthy detox

SuxtabeeFat Potion by Two Chick Tea..30 day REFILL...Weight loss diet tea organic herbs, natural healthy detox

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****ATTN: This REFILL is ONLY for those that have purchased the TIN first!!!!! If you order it without having purchased a tin at some point, your order will be cancelled. Here on Etsy we can see all of the orders so we do know if you've ordered in the past.

   This is for those of you who are on a SUXTABEE FAT MISSION!!! This is a One Month Supply REFILL, so NO tin, NO instructions and NO FAQ's. This is not only to save you a bit of cash as a return customer, but to cut down on all the crap we dump in our landfills as well. (I may be a bit brash but hey, I'm no Neanderthal. I still care about the earth!)
Did I mention before that all of the tins, bags, labels etc are made right here in the good 'ol USA, recyclable and made mostly from post consumer waste?? That's right. Keep the jobs at home and America STRONG!! (and hopefully a lot cleaner too) And just by shopping at places like Etsy, you are making people like us here at Two Chick Tea able to keep our homes, pay our bills and feed our children. So you're doing the right thing for you, me and the country we call home. It's a win win situation.
So keep up the good work! Make us proud!! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!! (and I'm still doin' it!!! 43 pounds Baby!)

*****And for those of you who might order the refill, knowing it comes with NO instructions or any other info other than ingredients, and then try to tell us that "you ordered the tin but got no instructions" or some other stupid story, just to save yourself a few bucks, well, we're waaaay ahead of ya. We do have a system. We do know what goes out and to whom. Even though we realize that most people out there are honest, there will always be those few who will try to make feeble attempts to cheat us and it will only result in bad Ju-Ju, which will not only render the tea ineffective but will cause the Fat Fairy to pay you a little visit and make you stay at your current weight forever. So don't do it.

We're doing our damndest to give you the best product we possibly can, in functional, cool looking, gift-worthy packaging and even offer it in a refill so you don't have to pay for the "frills" every single time. And it still works out to less than .75 cents a day and is better, healthier and cheaper than anything out there. So don't give us any crap, you.

***********For FULL DETAILS on what this most AMAZING FAT POTION can help you do, go to the Suxtabee Fat Potion Lg TIN page.