Suxtabee Stupid Potion...Something nearly EVERYONE can use....Take this fun quiz and see if you need it!

Suxtabee Stupid Potion...Something nearly EVERYONE can use....Take this fun quiz and see if you need it!

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OK people. It's time to take an enlightening, possibly frightening, Two Chick Tea Quiz.
This will help you to determine if you are in need of our latest fabulous potion, Suxtabee Stupid.

Now don't be nervous. Take your time. Breath. And answer as honestly as possible.
Let's get started.

1) People often describe me as "Sharp as a.....
A) Tack
B) Cotton Ball
C) Teething ring
D) They don't ever say this about me. They just speak very slowly using mono-syllabic words.
If I get upset, they calmly take me by the elbow and scruff of the neck and help me find my "happy place".

2) When I lose my eye glasses....
A) I always find them right where I left them
B) I usually find them a few minutes later
C) I find them on my head within the hour
D) I never find them. I eventually have to make an appointment with the optometrist to get a new pair and he discovers them tangled in my hair

3) When calling your son Phillip down for dinner, you...
A) Simply say "Phillip, time for dinner"!
B) call all of the other siblings before you get to the correct name
C) call the dog's name hoping that the boy will be close behind
D) call and call for "Ferdinand" until you realize you're cooking dinner in the neighbors house.

4) When you go food shopping, you...
A) remember what you need and get it
B) shop for an hour before you remember what you came for
C) Leave the store with everything EXCEPT what you came for
D) ask the nice clerk at Home Depot where the Dairy Aisle was moved to.

Give yourself 1 point for each question you answer "A".
3 Points for each answer "B" or "C".
And 15,000 points for each "D" (Have a friend total them up for you)

If your total is 4 points you may not be in need of this one quite yet and you can move along to another potion. .
If you've gotten 12 points, well, you definitely could use a cup or two a day to help get your brain back to it's old self and sharpen up the ol' senses.
If you've managed to rack up 15,000 + points, well we'll just hook you up to an I.V. and get a slow drip going for ya. (you just sit tight, stare at the pretty picture on the wall and find your "happy place" again)
*Statement :  This is not a medical test...for enjoyment purposes only.

    Suxtabee Stupid is our third amazing 100% ORGANIC blend of herbs Two Chick Tea Potion that rounds out the "Suxtabee" Trio. Fat, Old and Stupid. (We figure we've got pretty much everyone covered now.) Suxtabee Stupid potion will ease away the effects of stress,age,or life in general that can all take a nasty toll on our squishy, yet complex little brains. It can help promote clearer thinking, increased memory, concentration, and mental performance and even relieves stress. And the flavor is truly scrumptious! (As long as you like raspberries... but who doesn't?)
Perfect for overworked and/or stressed individuals, parents, students, the elderly, or even for superior brain maintenance or as a preventive measure. Simply everyone can benefit (whether they admit it or not)

Some of it's amazing ingredients include:
ASTRAGALUS ~ Boosts immune system and combats fatigue which can lead to reduced attention span and memory. Helps with “flighty” attitudes and failure to make decisions.
DANDELION LEAF ~ Its leaves and root contain substantial levels of vitamins A, C, D, and B complex as well as iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, choline, calcium, boron, and silicon. Good brain food. Also helps prevent acne. Highly effective for menstrual bloating, tender boobies and PMS.
GINGKO BILOBA ~ Today ginkgo is one of the most commonly prescribed herbs and is one that balances whatever is going on in your system; if you are tired it can energize you, if you are stressed it will relax you. Restores better blood flow to all parts of the body but particularly to the brain, allowing improved use of oxygen. Reduces lethargy, improves memory.
GOTU KOLA ~ Helps with cognitive disabilities and memory, as well as overcoming stress and fatigue. Inproves brain functions such as concentration and mental focus.
LOTUS LEAF ~ Allows the inner being to bloom. Also helps with abdominal cramps and bleeding gastric ulcers, Relieves hemorrhages, syphilis, and premature ejaculation.
LEMON BALM ~ Strengthens the brain, relieves depression, headaches, insomnia, cramps and gas.
TULSI ~ An adaptogen, which means that it assists the body, helps adapt to stress (environmental, physical, or
chemical), restore balance in the body, and normalize body functions.
HIBISCUS ~ Flavor and natural coloring.
RASPBERRIES ~ Flavor and vitamin C and other antioxidants.


This tin will make 20-24 cups so it works out to about .36 cents per cup and should be used as you feel necessary. But at least 1-2 cups a day is needed to feel maximum benefits.
Think of it as a tasty vitamin and make sure to get some in your system every day. It won't do a thing unless you drink it!
Sweeteners are allowed (just try to stay away from the artificial stuff. It's just nasty)
Stevia is a GREAT sugar and chemical free, herbal sweetener and has it's own herbal benefits to boot!! (find in the natural food section of the grocery store or at any health food store)

So don't go gettin' all offended, you. We're not saying you ARE fat old and/or stupid. We're just saying it SUXTABEE!!!
You don't have to be stupid to drink it, but you'd be a fool not to!

**These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Always check with your Health Care Practitioner when using this or any herbal supplement. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or if there are gall stones present. This product is not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any diseases, whether real or imagined. Use common sense in all things.