Suxtabee Old Potion by Two Chick Tea.....for anything that ails ya after 35!

Suxtabee Old Potion by Two Chick Tea.....for anything that ails ya after 35!

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Yes, Suxtabee Old potion is another of our organic tea blends that tends to anything that seems to ail you after 35. (although, after explaining the properties to my 20 year old, she was quite eager to try it)

*There's BURDOCK ROOT: for complexion and swelling.
CHAMOMILE: Calming, anti-inflammatory
DANDELION ROOT: Mild diuretic but also replaces the potassium lost from peeing more often. That's a good thing. Me likey my potassium. It can reduce migranes, keep blood pressure in check, assists in metabolic process, all kinds of good stuff.
GOTU KOLA: Memory enhancement, relieves stress & fatigue, speeds the healing of wounds, varicose veins, lowers BP
GINKGO: Promotes longevity, improves memory and attention span, headaches and depression.
LEMON BALM: Calming, nervous tension, depression, digestion, cramps and farting......yes, I said farting.
MEADOWSWEET: General pain reliever (like aspirin, but wont eat a hole in your stomach. Woohoo!)
NETTLE LEAF: Anti-inflammatory, helps stop hair loss, reduces BP, Pain relief, mild sedative, germ killer.
PEPPERMINT: Relieves gas, settles stomach and aids digestion
SARSAPARILLA: Makes your liver happy, reduces swelling in joints and has a positive effect on impotence and virility. (so maybe it just re-directs swelling?? Winkwink)
TULSI: OK. Now this is a GOOD one...It has been found to have a positive effect on cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, stress, wound healing, boosts the immune system, sharpens memory, ulcers, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, cataracts, fever reducer, skin conditions, radiation poisoning, enhances stamina, promotes healthy metabolism, relieves headaches and is an antioxidant. (I'll take a double please)
WILD YAM ROOT: (And No, it doesn't make the tea taste like yams. That's so gross) But is does get rid of lower back pain, muscle aches, skin issues, coughing and wheezing.


The taste is a sort of nutty flavor. Very soothing and one of my faves :)

So as I said, I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from all it has to offer. No matter WHAT age you are.
And what a FABULOUS, ORIGINAL GIFT!! Affordable, funny, and beyond useful!

This tin will make 20-25 cups so it works out to about .36 cents per cup and should be used as you feel necessary. Sweeteners are allowed (just try to stay away from the artificial stuff. It's just nasty)

Always check with your Health Care Practitioner when using this or any herbal supplement. This product is not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any diseases, whether real or imagined. Use common sense in all things.