Sputnik Buddah Dish. Ceramic Handpainted Butter Dish pottery cheese plate Turquoise Chartreuse Coral White abstract retro modern Beatlebaby



My first ever Butter Dish! .....or as we say in Maine, "Buddah Dish". I'll tell ya, it took me quite a while to get this puppy made. I had the hardest time deciding how to decorate it because really, the piece can come out fab but then one bad glazing move ant it can render it a flop!

But I'm just so happy with it and can't wait to do more!!!

You can also use just the bottom part and serve crackers and cheese or other appetizers on it. It will certainly liven up a table!

•Colors: White, Black, Turquoise and Orange with an Orange interior

•Material: Fired and Glazed Ceramic (lead free glaze)

•Size : Entire unit is 7.5" Long x 4" Wide x 3 3/4" Tall

•How many pcs. : Two (base and cover)

• lead free, food safe glazes

• hand washing recommended

• not suitable for microwave or oven

This is a hand-built piece of pottery. No molds of any kind are ever used. Every piece is hand painted, signed and truly unique.....no two can ever be exactly the same. Any irregularities are merely a testament to the handmade nature ☺

*You are buying the actual piece pictured and is ready to ship :)

About my ceramics:

I use an earthenware clay with many brightly colored glazes. I make every item individually by hand with minimal tools. No molds are used. These get fired to nearly 2000 degrees, as many as 4 times (depending on the glazes used) Each piece is one of a kind, created with the goal of bringing a smile to people's faces :)