Sky Blue Topaz 6mm Faceted Cushion Cabochon. 3pcs

Sky Blue Topaz 6mm Faceted Cushion Cabochon. 3pcs

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I LOOOOOVE this stone!I love the shape and the color and the cut...just everything!

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How Many: 3

Size: 6mm

Shape: Cushion (rounded square)

Cut: Rosecut (multi-faceted)

Grade: AAA

Color: Sky Blue

Birthstone Month: December

Country of Origin: Brazil

Topaz was once was considered one of five elemental substances that would bring protection to the deities. The figure of a falcon engraved upon a topaz would bring the wearer goodwill and kindness of the powers that be. It was also thought that this would help one attract wealthy patrons who would support artistic endeavors.

  Topaz has been said to be of great use for protection against a wide variety of problems from emotional difficulties to fires and accidents. Worn around the neck, topaz was also thought to cure madness.
  Topaz is used to promote good fortune. In fact, it has been said that dreaming of topaz may indicate that good fortune is on its way. These dreams can also suggest love affairs.
  Traditions hold that topaz bestowed many benefits upon its wearer. It would dispel cowardice, calm the temper, cure madness and plague, and sharpen the wit. It was also thought to aid in sleep and eliminate nightmares, as well as cure rheumatism and soreness in the joints. The stone has also been credited with being effective against bleeding and heart disease. It has been said to instantly lose its color to indicate that poison is present, thus protecting its owner. The stone has also been thought to bring fidelity and friendship if constantly worn without being set aside. It was also believed to be an effective talisman against accident and fire, and to bring increased intuition and long life. To Christians, it has been known as a symbol of uprightness and virtue.