Silvered Mottled Lapis ...Set of -2- Etched Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads silver beach sea glass pair summer Beatlebaby



Silvered Mottled Lapis...

A similar design to my Sand pebbles but with an added band of Mottled Ivory. These are a lovely Mottled Lapis. Sort of a blend of Lapis with cream but the two have a beautiful reaction to each other in the flame! These would be gorgeous for any season. And a perfect earring set!

How Many: Two (one pair)

Size: Approx. 11mm x 15mm

Colors: Mottled Lapis with Mottled Ivory banding and Pure Silver dot detail

Hole Size: 1/16"

Finish: Etched (pics 1-3) or Shiny (pics 4&5)

*These beads are made to order, specially for you!

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