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Silvered Lavender....

This is what's called a "color shifting" glass. It's more on the purple side in natural light, or even bright light like a camera flash, but goes a more blueish purple in incandescent light! If you walk throughout your house and look at the bead, you can actually see it go from bluey-purple to the more pink-ish purple (like in the pics) in the different light sources...Very cool glass!!

This glass has been out of stock from the glass factory in Italy for SO LONG! And now it's back!!!! So I'm free to play with my beloved lavender again :)

These are a similar design to my Sand pebbles but with an added band of Mottled Ivory. These are a lovely lavender color. These would be gorgeous for any season. Perfect for summer with their sea glass look and match them up to amber beads in winter! And a perfect earring set!

How Many: Two (one pair)

Size: Approx. 11mm x 15mm

Colors: Lavender with Mottled Ivory banding and Pure Silver dot detail

Hole Size: 1/16"

Finish: Etched or choose :)

*These beads are made to order, specially for you!

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