Sea Tarts in Transparent and Streaky Teal....A Beatlebaby Glassworks Original design beach summer water ocean fin fan...One Pair



Transparent and Streaky Teal "Sea Tarts" ...

Well the Sea Tarts are back!! I'm doing these in pairs now so they can become earrings or even use them as smaller and VERY economical focals!

These are not as highly detailed as my larger Sea Beads, but they're cute and fun with lots of color and will definitely find a way to boost your jewelry designs into an even more organic and unique style! And they're are only $7.50 each! WOOHOO!

These are wonderfully light weight...perfect for earrings and bracelets too!

COLORS: Transparent Teal, Streaky Caribbean Teal, Turquoise and Mottled Earth

SIZE: approx. 21mm x 21mm

HOW MANY: One pair (2 beads)

HOLE SIZE: 1/16"

*These can also be Etched for a sea glass extra charge (and they do look gorgeous like that!)

*These are made to order so please allow for slight variations

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Sea Beads are an original Beatlebaby Glassworks creation. Every fan, every fin, every flipper, twist and swoosh is hand formed to create a unique yet wearable piece of art glass sculpture. The flip side and edges are a whole different array of patterns and swoops making them equally beautiful from all angles...there is no wrong way to wear these! My Original Sea Beads are all a little work of art unto themselves. So wear your Original Beatlebaby Glassworks creation with proudly!

I'm also a Self Representing Artist, #C-134 which means that I do all of my own work using my own ideas. It will be well made and original piece of art glass :)


All Sea Beads are 100% unique, one-of-a-kind and although I can repeat colors or possibly similar patterns, they can never, ever be exactly be duplicated. These are all a little work of art unto themselves.

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