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Reverple...an "Inside Out" Murrini!

Reverple...an "Inside Out" Murrini!

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You know those really cool "Aquarium" beads people make? You know, they look like an underwater scene and are just completely mesmerizing? Well these are one of the kinds of murrini used! Oh they can be used in regular beads too. But this is the scene they really show their fabulocity in! They're so new I don't even have a funky label graphic made up yet :) But I have the design and the murrini and that's what's important!

Oh, and they're on sale too ☺

How Many: 20

Colors: Pale Violet with Black stripes

Size: ranges from 3mm - 5mm across

To use: Heat a spot on your bead where you want the murrini to go. Waft the murrini slice in the flame to warm it up a but and stick it on the heated spot. Alternate warming and flattening (not too fast!) until you get the look you want and that's that! You may not want to flatten these too much as that will make you lose the stripe detail. Check the look as you go.

*To use as a dimensional murrini you will want to encase them. First place the murrini on the heated spot but build up clear around it letting the sides remain tall and straight. Play!! Experiment! CREATE

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