Retro Hover Cube in Tangerine

Retro Hover Cube in Tangerine

Retro Hover Cube...

Was $18....Now $14

 I have always loved the Mod/Pop look you can get from mixing geometric shapes and vibrant contrasting colors. Glass is the perfect medium to do just that. This is a Tile shaped lampwork bead that floats freely on a very modernistic surgical stainless steel cable.  This metal is  not only tarnish and corrosion resistant but is also hypo-allergenic so even the most sensitive skin can wear it comfortably. It has a magnetic clasp that is surprisingly strong yet incredibly simple to link/unlink. (see last pic) It's simple design keeps in character with the modern look and unlike many clasps, looks good if it's visible.
The Retro design is on both sides of the is smooth and one is raised and dimensional (pictured)
This has a very clean look yet makes a bold statement. I love jewelry that has style yet you almost forget it's there. And this piece does both. It can be worn by all ages!

Colors: Tangerine, Turquoise, Lime, Purple

Bead Size: 18mm x 18mm

Metal:  Hypo-allergenic Surgical Stainless Steel

Cable Length: 18"