Random Rosie BIGGIES! XL Murrini Chips 5-7mm Millefiori Slices coe104 Silver reactive pink purple blue silver glass Beatlebaby



Random Rosie BIGGIES...

A reactive glass murrini that seems to have a hundred faces!! She comes out different every time.......

BIGGIES are larger diameter murrini that are great for fusing, enamel work or larger beads. Even in mosaics! (They make great flowers!) The nice thing about BIGGIES is that, being larger, they're a bit easier to handle and also the details of the layers, colors and stripes show up really well.

How Many: 10

Colors: Blues, Purples, Greens

Size: Approximately range from 5mm - 7mm across

COE: 104

 Reactive and Silver glasses need an actual FLAME to make their reactions come out. It's not likely that these results will occur for fusing. But they can still be used for fusing/enamel. You will likely get more of a WYSIWYG result.

***Please note that I am NOT a fuser/enameller so I really can give no advice on the arts whatsoever. I do know that many artists buy my murrini for fusing/enamel with much success. Mixing COEs can also be done in small amounts (in lampworking anyway. We do this quite often with no problems at all) But that is the extent of what I know. So please consult a book or an expert as to the exact process.