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Purple Aster Murrini "Seconds"

Purple Aster Murrini "Seconds"

Purple Aster  "Seconds"

Seconds, or second quality, are murrini that are either too thin, too thick, slanted, too big, too small...or even just extras. They are certainly still usable...just not perfect enough to sell at full price in smaller amounts. Sometimes I just get tired of picking through them to get the "perfect" ones so I dump the rest in a baggie :)
This is a great way to try a color, experiment or get practice in applying murrini. Great for students and for teachers to supply to their students too! Or even just a great way to get 'em cheap for yourself :) Good for fusers who do smaller jewelry pieces too :)

Colors: Purples, Oranges and Yellows

*How Many: approx.  60+

*This is an APPROXIMATE count