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Peony Petal...

My favorite pink...LOVE it!!

How Many: 20

Colors: 3 Pinks, Black and White

Size: ranges from 2.5mm-5mm across

To use: Work these like you would do with Rubino Oro, it likes oxygen. (turns muddy with or near silver though) Simply heat a spot on your bead, waft the murrini slice in the flame to warm it up a but and stick it in the spot you want it in. Alternate warming and flattening until you get the look you want and that's that! Leave it as-is or top it with a clear blob for a lens effect. Try twisting the edges w/ a clear stringer, heat and drag through the center for a feathered look, the possibilities are endless!....Play!! Experiment! CREATE!!

*Beads in the pictures (if any) are not included in the listing and are for demonstration purposes only

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I'm a proud member of the ISGB (The International Society of Beadmakers) and a Self Representing Artist, #C-134