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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

OXALIS Oops! Seconds ...Super Saver Lot! 30Pcs

OXALIS Oops! Seconds ...Super Saver Lot! 30Pcs

Only 1 left in stock

OXALIS "Oops!"

Oops! Murrini are ones that I made a mistake on somewhere...usualy a missing color layer. On these I forgot the pink layer so they're more like a daisy. But very cute! See? Oops. haha 

These are already listed with the discount and prices are as marked. Additional 10% off does not apply. (you're saving way more than 10% on these!)  

How Many... 30 pcs

Colors... Creams and Yellow

COE... 104

Issues...  First quality as far as size etc, just no pink