New Style!! Buoy Drops in Teal....The perfect earring bead!

New Style!! Buoy Drops in Teal....The perfect earring bead!

New Style!! Bouy Drops....The perfect earring bead!

Every Christmas I make my gifts. Not because I'm a purest and believe that gifts should be hand made to mean something (not totally anyway) but usually because I'm broke. Because believe me, it's much less stressful to be able to go to TJ MAXX and shop for my 5 sisters than having to come up with something new that I've never given them over the years and that they'd actually like/wear/use/hang on a wall/have room for/not put in the bin after Christmas. So last year I made these little Buoy beads and did earrings for all of them. Nothing crazy...just a nice, simple drop on a silver headpin with french wires that could be worn as an everyday earring, comfy and can be left in (as many of us do)  And they were a hit. Yay!

So I decided to give them a little test run during the sale and see how they do. If I do decide to do them regularly, they'd be $14 a pr. But they'll be discounted with the rest of the beads during the sale. So that's nice.

See what you think...

Color: Teal, Mottled Earth with Pure Silver Trailing

Size: *Approx. 17mm T x 12mm W

Finish: Shiny (Pictured)  or Etched


*These will vary slighty as alll beads do. But these are shaped by hand, not molds. So please allow for slight size or mottling variations ☺