New Color Combo! Sparkling Sea Tabs in Violet and Aqua! Set of FOUR



New Color combo! Sparkling Sea Tabs in Violet and Aqua!

The perfect compliment to my Sea Beads! These can be a spectacular accent to something larger but can certainly carry the show all on their own. These are a slimmer, tab shape...not "puffy" like lentils. So they sit flatter on the skin so you need fewer beads to make up the length of a bracelet and are a bit lighter weight.
These are great for earrings too! Not much else is needed to make a wonderfully oceany pair of danglies!

Size: 19mm across and 7-8 mm thick

How Many: Four   (There is a separate listing for TWO if you just wany a pair.)

Colors: Aqua, Violet, Mottled Earth, Shimmering Dichroic and two of my "Amaranthine" murrini

Finish: Shiny or etched

These are made to order, specially for you!