Mod Pods Chillum...One hitter.

Mod Pods Chillum...One hitter.

Mod Pods Chillum

Love this design! Great detail yet not overcrowded. Little blue spades on the back sode (pic #2) Nice clean lines and colors Size.... 2 3/4" long x 5/8"  wide   Colors....White base, Sky Blue, Black

*Pack your smoke of choice in the end and away we go! Nothing falls out. And ceramic can withstand the heat for sure! It's fired at 2000 degrees so a lighter is not an issue.

So what is a "Chillum"? 
Holy men have been smoking from Chillums for thousands of years and the spiritual meaning of this is comparable to the drinking of red wine by Catholics. In some cultures, like in traditional rural India, the use of a chillum is restricted to the men only and during holy events. When it is being used in these traditional events, the term “Boom Shankar” is said as the lit pipe is elevated towards the forehead. This is a form of an invitation for the Hindu god Shiva to part-take in this holy offering.

So there's your history lesson for the day....Boom Shankar!

*All of my ceramics are kiln fired to nearly 2000 degrees and painted with non-toxic and lead free glazes. They are hand formed, one by one, resulting in a unique shape for every one. They're handpainted with an ultra-fine brush to acheive the highest detail as well as a ceramic pencil to show the sketched look. The designs are then fired again with a clear, glossy glaze. All are one of a kind and no two are ever exactly alike!