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Like Magic....

A reactive glass murrini that develops colors, well, like magic! Depending how it's worked you can get almost anything from blues, greens, purples and earthy tones! So Hot!!

How Many: 20

Colors: (after cooking) Yeilds different shades of Blues, Greens, Earthy Shades and even Purples depending on reduction and heat intensities

Size: ranges from 2.5mm - 5mm across

To use: These are made with a reactive glass so they'll need to be "struck" in the flame. Simply heat a spot on your bead, waft the murrini slice in the flame to warm it up a bit and stick it in the spot you want it in. Alternate heating and flattening until it's flush w/ the surface. Get the murrini VERY hot in an oxidizing flame then cool fast on a cold tool. Waft in the back of the flame to let the colors bloom! Works best covered in clear.

*Some experience with striking/silver glass is best. Not a good beginner murrini

*Beads in the pictures (if any) are not included in the listing and are for demonstration purposes only

*Free Shipping on multiple orders! Pay for one, get as many more as you want for no extra shipping! These also ship free with any other order from the Beatlebaby Supply shop :)

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I'm a proud member of the ISGB (The International Society of Beadmakers) and a Self Representing Artist, #C-134