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Lil' Pixie.....Handmade Murrini Chips...Millefiori Slices COE 104 red green orange stripe retro ....Beatlebaby Supply

Lil' Pixie.....Handmade Murrini Chips...Millefiori Slices COE 104 red green orange stripe retro ....Beatlebaby Supply

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Lil' Pixie...

These have turned out to be one of my absolute favorites! Making murrini is a whoooole lot of experimentation and just playing with glass, seeing how each color reacts, how they look on top of eachother, all that good stuff. And I'm just DIGGIN' these! Not to mention that my favorite pixie looks adorable on the lable :) He's normally so bored in the cabinet but today he got to shine!

These would be a perfect addition to Holiday beads!

How Many: 20

Colors: Green shades, Red, Marigold, Blues

Size: ranges from 2.5mm - 5mm across

To use: No special treatment for these babies. Simply heat a spot on your bead, waft the murrini slice in the flame to warm it up a but and stick it in the spot you want it in. Alternate warming and flattening (not too fast!) until you get the look you want and that's that! Leave it as-is or top it with a clear blob for a lens effect. Try twisting the edges w/ a clear stringer, heat and drag through the center for a feathered look, the possibilities are endless!....Play!! Experiment! CREATE

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