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FLOWER Mix Seconds ...Super Saver Lot! 40+ Pcs!

FLOWER Mix Seconds ...Super Saver Lot! 40+ Pcs!

Flower Mix Seconds

"Seconds" Mixes and Blends are anything that differs from "Perfect"  First Quality murrini that cost $6-$10 for 20 pcs. These are also a mix of anything I make that fit into this color category. Things like color imperfections, too small, maybe a color was missed in the recipe, uneven chips, pretty much anything can make it fall into this category. Sometimes they have nothing wrong at all...I simply got tired of picking through the pile to find the 1st quality ones :)  Seconds are a Super Bargain and can save you up to 75%! They're great for learning or teaching and most are perfectly fine for use in any work since the general look is the same after they're melted. And the Blends allow you to try several kinds in one lost. All quantities are approximate. Discounts are as marked and additional 10% off does not apply.

This is a mix of all my FLOWER murrini

How Many... 40+

Colors... Assorted colors but all flowers

COE... 104

Issues... Second quality