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Floating Amoebas...Calder, Eames inspired Atomic Retro Chime. Hand sculpted by Beatlebaby OOAK

Floating Amoebas...Calder, Eames inspired Atomic Retro Chime. Hand sculpted by Beatlebaby OOAK

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There's just something about the Atomic era that makes me feel like I was born at the wrong time. I love the values, the idealism, the American dream...but mostly...I love the STUFF!!!! What I wouldn't do to travel back in time and just go shopping for table cloths, lighting and fabric!

And I'm not kidding...I just saw a Calder mobile on Antiques Roadshow that was valued at ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, I thought it was fitting that this is being listed today. I saw it as a good sign. It's no Calder piece...but it's a Beatlebaby piece! And it will cost you close to a million $ less than Calder's.

Each shape is based on the Atomic age's free form shapes, the kidney shape, the boomerang, the amoeba....I'll have a few of these hanging in my own home by summer. I love 'em.

I used a plastic coated steel cable cord for the hanging cord. I find that fishing line gets brittle over the years and breaks and this is so much stronger, ensuring a very long life for this sculpture.  This is a one-of-a-kind piece. All pieces are hand sculpted. No molds or cookie cutters of any kind are used. High gloss glaze in vibrant colors make it stand out and be noticed! It would be the perfect gift for someone special who just seems to have everything. It takes up very little space, is unique and would be lovely inside or out. You will receive the sculpture pictured :)

Size: 18" long x 7" wide

Colors: Red, Lime, Robin's Egg Blue

*This can be used indoor or outdoors. However, it is not recommended for high wind spaces or in periods of bad weather. Place in a more protected area such as a screened porch. Do not leave outdoors in temps less than 45 degrees F.

Clock, lamp and table cloth not included :)