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Ceramic Charm Super Bargain Lot...Painted Tabs...10 pcs

Ceramic Charm Super Bargain Lot...Painted Tabs...10 pcs

At one point I was making LOADS of small ceramic things...beads, connectors, handpainted charms, little sculptures, etc. But it's very fiddley and time consuming. So I ended up with a whoooole lot of these things just sitting in bins. So now I'm clearing it out and finding new homes for them! Many of these things were painstakingly handpainted with teenie brushes and sold for $10+ ea. Now they're bagged up and listed, some as much as 90% off! Once they're gone, they're gone.

These originally sold for $1.50 per charm. They're about $.70 each now.

What...Handpainted ceramic charms

How Many...10


Finish...Shiny and Matte

Size... Approx. 5/8" across

*You are buying the charms pictured