The BIG SPRING BEAD SALE is here from May 11th - 15th! 10-90% off ALL BEADS! Starts at 10 AM on Saturday (eastern time) So many new beads!!!


Ceramic Bead Bargain Lot...18 pcs...Matte finish

Ceramic Bead Bargain Lot...18 pcs...Matte finish

At one point I was making LOADS of small ceramic things...beads, connectors, handpainted charms, little sculptures, etc. But it's very fiddley and time consuming. So I ended up with a whoooole lot of these things just sitting in bins. So now I'm clearing it out and finding new homes for them! Many of these things were painstakingly handpainted with teenie brushes and sold for $10+ ea. Now they're bagged up and listed, some as much as 90% off!


How Many...18

Colors...Celadon, Green, Beige

Finish...Mostly matte

Size... approx. 14mm