Celadon Swirls 13mm hole dreadlock dread bead ceramic blue pottery sculpture hair hemp beatlebaby sra



The first part in a series of ceramic beads that are made with Dreadlocks in mind. It's hand sculpted by myself and completely one-of-a-kind ...just like you ♥

Color: Celadon

Material: Fired and Glazed Ceramic

Size: 22mm long x 18mm wide

Hole: 16mm (5/8")

About ceramic:

Ceramic beads are much lighter weight than glass or other mediums so they are well suited for Dread beads. It also allows you to wear much more elaborate and larger beads without adding too much weight. I leave the inside of the beads unglazed so as to give it a bit of "tooth". This helps it to hang onto your dread better than the slick, glazed surface.