Bubbles and Bows Stash Pot...Whatever you want to put in there (wink wink nudge nudge) Keep it dry, keep it fresh, keep it safe!



Bubbles and Bows Stash Pots...

Stash Pots are a beautiful way to keep your bud, edibles or other goodies safe, dry and fresh! The insides are glazed as well so as not to absorb any precious oils or odors. Many have matching Chillum pipes but they are sold separately. What a wonderful gift for those who need to store your stash! Beautiful and unique!

Size... 3 1/4"  tall (not including cork) x 2 1/4" wide

Colors...White base with Red, Sky Blue and Black. Sky Blue inside.

This has a matching chillim (shown in last pic) and is sold separately

*All of my ceramics are hand formed, one by one, resulting in a unique shape for every one. They're kiln fired to nearly 2000 degrees up to 4 times and painted with non-toxic and lead free glazes. They're handpainted with an ultra-fine brush to acheive the highest detail as well as a ceramic pencil to reveal a sketched look. The designs are then fired again with a clear, glossy glaze. All are one of a kind and no two are ever exactly alike!