Big Ol' Donut Bead... Transparent Water

Big Ol' Donut Bead... Transparent Water

Big Ol' Donut Bead in Transparent Water

Big Ol' Donuts are, well, big donut shaped beads. Loads and loads of dots that just seem to mesmerize me. You just can't help but fiddle with them! The transparent glass gives this so much sparkle you cant help but think of some secluded, tropical beach with swaying palms and a warm breeze.

This has a big enough hole for a nice leather or silk cord and use as a pendant or even as a dreadlock bead!

COLOR: Ice, Aqua

SIZE: 35mm across x 14mm thick

FINISH: Shiny but can be etched to look like seaglass for free at your request


♦ This is a one-of-a-kind bead. If you want another color combo, just ask!