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Up and Away for Milo..Handmade ceramic pottery sculpture Man Balloons happy garden

Up and Away for Milo..Handmade ceramic pottery sculpture Man Balloons happy garden

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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

What do you say to those who tell you you cannot fly? Do you agree? Do you simply walk away defeated? Or do you find a way and prove them all wrong?

Milo chose the latter. His expression is one of pure bliss....an adventurous soul at peace as he floats into the air, not a care in the world. The only things that matter in this moment are him and that sky...the clear, never ending sky.

We should all be more like Milo ♥

Colors: Aqua, Orange, Lime Green, Dark Pink

Material: Fired and Glazed Ceramic

Size : Milo himself is 8" long. Entire piece is nearly a foot tall.

Materials used: Clay, crackle glaze, metal

*Milo is rugged but is really a warm weather guy. Bring him inside when temps go below 50. Do not hang him where he may bang into other objects.

*You are buying the actual sculpture pictured

*Not intended as a toy for children

About my sculptures:

I make every item by hand with minimal tools. I don't use models or molds and most times I don't even start with a sketch. I sit with my clay blob in front of me and just....go. I just sort of make what I feel in that moment....which is precisely why I love doing this for work ♥

All of my pieces get fired to nearly 2000 degrees as many as 4 times (depending on the glazes used) Each piece is one of a kind, created with the goal of bringing a smile to people's faces ☺