Mediterranian Sea Pottery



I'm a beachcomber at heart. I can spend countless hours on pretty much ANY beach and scour the sands for hidden gems. It's where and when I do my best thinking and I come up with more ideas here than anywhere. It is truly my happy place. And somehow, when looking at a handful of the local beach stones and glass, I get more ideas than I know what to do with. Which leads to lots of collections of cool stones, glass and ceramic bits! I've travelled to Italy quite a bit and I'll tell ya, their beaches are just loaded with my kind of diamonds! Oh, they have Sea Glass. But they also have Sea POTTERY! can imagine my excitement when I came across this stuff! I was literally kicking the sea glass out of the way to get to it! These are the coolest things...they're pieces of pottery and tiles that have been rolling with the tides for who knows how long. But long enough to get smoothed and sanded out by the Mediterranean and utterly perfect for your next jewelry or mosaic project!